Monday, June 29, 2009

more about may

may 1 is the day i feel like i really started my residency. up until then i was busy with previous commitments and preparing my studio. may 1 marked the end of those things and the beginning of something very new. i don't even remember the last time i could just make whatever i wanted. however, the excitement of not knowing what i would make quickly gave way to feeling unmotivated, frustrated, stressed, and disappointed. the next four weeks were full of struggle and lots of staring at the ceiling. i still had several deadlines and i did meet them all, sort-of, but i can't say it was easy and it wasn't often enjoyable. the projects included 5 pairs of one-of-a-kind earrings for earrings galore at heidi lowe gallery, june's jewelry of the month piece, a few fabric pieces for a show application (plush jewels at fancy in seattle, wa - pictures are forthcoming), and my artist-to-artist piece. i began may thinking these deadlines were realistic but by the middle of the month i already felt like i was running out of time. days went by without moving forward, without making anything, and several projects took days longer than i had anticipated.

when i think back now i realize i was being pulled in too many different directions. trying to make new work takes a lot of energy and focus, much more than i planned. then i threw in some constraints and the pressure was on. still, i am pleased with what i made and more pleased with what i learned about myself, how i work, my expectations, and so on. it was a good learning experience for me and i'm now not disappointed in the least, although at the time it all felt very, very bad.

as for taking the month off from online activities. that was very, very good. i enjoyed not having to even think about my various web commitments. it was also nice not to have to pause in the middle of something to take a picture or turn on my computer to update my status. i'm glad i put it all on hold last month and put the focus entirely on my studio. now that i am back, i feel a renewed sense of enjoyment. i don't feel as much of the "i HAVE to or SHOULD do this" and more "i WANT to do this." i'm trying to be a bit more loose with the blog, too. i give myself 30 minutes to write a post and that time frame really helps.

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well, my 30 minutes are up.

thanks for reading.

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