Monday, June 22, 2009

stitched maps: a recap

"23 times in 17 years" - my final map - this map shows my many moves around new york state, across the country to seattle, down to portland and back, from my childhood home to asheville, and finally to penland

my "embroidery: stitched maps" class ended on friday. it was an amazing class! i loved learning all the stitches and making my pieces. it felt great to get out of my element and try something new. i thought i would think about jewelry a lot as i stitched, but i really didn't. instead i just focused on the basics and the projects. i worked very differently in this class - narratively, which i never do.

i also loved the instructor, melinda barta, and my classmates, virgina hungate-hawk (print making), martha park (painting), and vicki essig (weaving). what a great bunch! we had so much fun together! i feel very fortunate to have been in there with them and to have learned so much great stuff about embroidery from melinda. it was a sad parting for sure...

here are images of my finished pieces. i will post more shots, details, etc. on my flickr page shortly.

"mykonos" - this map outlines the tiny greek island of mykonos complete with the roads i traveled on and the beaches and other places i visited.
"you will be here" - stitched fabric and paper collage (i haven't finished the framing yet...) this map uses an actual north carolina map. this map hung on my studio wall as i prepared to leave seattle for my new home. the cardinal is the nc state bird and represents a vivid dream i had before i left.
stitched pins with cotton fabric and felt - just for fun

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