Monday, June 8, 2009

stitched maps

i started an embroidery class called stitched maps today. the instructor is melinda barta. we learned about materials, tools, and basic stitching and i made this little sampler. it starts with back stitching and ends with french and colonial knots. my favorites, besides the knots which i could make endlessly, are the satin stitch (the little green pod) and couching (the blue spiral). it was incredibly fun and i am totally hooked!

we will be stitching actual maps over the next two weeks...tomorrow i will start my first which i am pretty sure is going to be the island of mykonos in greece.

i am also very excited to organize my needles since i now know there are so many different kinds.

thanks for reading.


Meg said...

lovely! I love embroidery, such an enjoyable, satisfying craft. I'm addicted to the Sublime Stitching patterns.

Unknown said...

I love the tiny details! Thanks for the close ups! The spiral is so cute