Friday, June 26, 2009

catching you all up

my schedule has been so full since the penland summer season began and i haven't been able to keep up with my blog. i have lots of things to share but they happened a few weeks ago or something. (plus, i haven't said much about my month "off" in may.) also, you may have noticed i haven't written a guest star friday in awhile. i will resume that feature once i get things caught up. AND, i have not forgotten about the new feature in which i write about my favorite non-jewelry artists. i'm still planning to do that and will, again, once i get things caught up. i am still considering ways to make all my online activities work for me in a more balanced manner. this will help me get on track for future guest star and favorite artists posts.

for now here are images of a few new shapes i just added to my little group of elements. i made these yesterday and i am pretty excited about them since they are dimensional and not just flat. (i am constantly trying to figure out ways to make my work more 3D.)

thanks for reading.

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