Monday, November 3, 2014

...And What a Month It Was. Plus, My Little TV Spot

San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz

Hello hello! I'm back from the Bay and have so much to tell you! It was pretty much impossible for me to blog as often as I'm accustomed to while at CCA. Time was so precious and every second counted. It's also challenging to write about new work publicly during the moments of making it. I'm in the midst of collecting my thoughts now and tomorrow I will start to catch you up and share pictures. I realize I haven't yet described "In Between" and I'm eager to tell you all about it.

In the meantime, remember when I did that interview for my local Public Broadcasting station WSKG? Well, the spot airs tonight at 8:56pm EST and will replay tomorrow at 6:56pm and then Wednesday at 10:56pm. WSKG TV broadcasts on Channels 8, 46.1 and 30.1 and in HD on Channel 1221 on most Time Warner Cable systems. It's just a few minutes long and you can also watch it online here. Here are a few stills, too.

Thanks for reading.

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