Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In Between

In Between is my first site-specific, mixed-media installation and it stuns me every time I look at pictures of it or even think about it. I remember standing in disbelief under all those bows when the installation was complete... I stared up and around and thought to myself, "I made this. I can't believe I made this."

The three week journey to get there was challenging and scary and wonderful. When I began my residency at CCA the only ideas I had for the piece focused on transition, a place I'm very familiar with. Through research, serious thinking and drawing I expanded from transition to how we make decisions to the idea of choice. I read about cognition and intuition and the senses, all things that help us make decisions. I combined these ideas with thoughts of place and created nine necklaces and 1000 paper bows. The necklaces include made, found, and altered objects that serve as tools to aid in the cognitive aspects of decision making. The paper bows, suspended from the ceiling and piled on the floor, represent experience and memories, the components of intuition. I also relied on the use of multiples, and accumulation, collecting and arranging.

And while I was making In Between, I juggled a long commute, lectures and crits, and being social as much as I could. Doubt and insecurity were present, alongside excitement and anticipation, and I had this feeling of wanting to do everything as the piece unfolded in a beautiful way. It was an intense and unforgettable time.

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Wish I could have seen it.