Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Not One, But Two

the attentive crowd at my lecture

I had two back-to-back events at Velvet da Vinci, as you know, and I have to say, two events in a row at that gallery feels pretty special. There were maybe 25 people at my lecture on October 18 and it had an intimate, casual atmosphere. Everyone stood in front me, surrounded by the work, as I talked about each piece individually and detailed my homeland, my heartland and my outerland. It was so good to have a chance to talk about the work in this way. My audience seemed to follow me closely and I loved making eye contact with each person. The following Saturday, I introduced my first installation, "In Between," to a fantastic audience and it was incredible to watch them react to the piece. There was definitely some gasping going on and I heard really positive comments from everyone. A big group of beautiful girls came, too, all students of mine from CCA. It felt great to share that moment with them and with everyone who attended. It was a wonderful night!

I love how overblown the fluorescent lights are in this 
iPhone photo

talking with attendees inside the elevator

some of my lovely CCA students

end of the night last picture...

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