Friday, August 31, 2012

Guest Star #100...Jorge Manilla

Today's Guest Star (and number 100!) is Mexican-born, Belgian-based jeweler, Jorge Manilla.  I met Jorge at the opening for "Patro(o)n" and spoke with him more later that day at the opening of "Rijk!", both in June. I could tell when we talked that he is a devoted teacher and a generous artist. I emailed him shortly after that and asked if we could get together to talk about my work for "Observation/Translation" and he said yes. I went to Gent last week to visit and feel very fortunate that I got to spend that time with him.

Jorge's work includes personal narratives about his life with themes of religion, family, dreams, and memory, using a variety of materials and processes to convey and confront his message  The work is often haunting and always beautiful.

See more of Jorge's work at Apparat.

Thanks for reading.

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Lisa Juen said...

Hey Amy!
It's a great idea to have the guest stars on your blog. The post about Jorge is really nice. I am looking forward to reading more in the future!