Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Progress with Help

Linda in her studio

I met this awesome lady at the SNAG conference in May. Her name is Linda Savineau and she's a metalsmith who lives just outside of Antwerp. She's also a very generous and helpful person. A few weeks ago she invited me over to her home to see her studio and to borrow tools. We had such a good visit and I left with a couple bags of stuff including a Dremel tool, dapping block and punches, a bench light, soldering accessories, ring mandrel, pickle acid, liver of sulfur, flux, a 
B & S gauge, and more. She also loaned me a few books from her library. Since then she has been a great resource for finding tools and materials in the city. She even brought me sterling from her stock and a delicious lunch. Oh, yeah, she makes some pretty great things, too. Big thanks, Linda!
 spaceship piggy bank
ethnic pieces collected while traveling
 plastic necklace
collections in shadow boxes
traditional Flemish asparagus

You can watch a great video Linda made for the SNAG conference about her work and the materials she uses. It even won an award!

Thanks for reading.

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