Thursday, August 2, 2012

Progress with Materials

In addition to all the incredible things I see everyday here in Antwerp, I am finding that there are specific materials that also serve as inspiration for my new work. Some of my sightseeing excursions have included seeing materials that spark ideas. When this happens I take pictures or make a mental note. Then I spend time thinking about what I can do with the material in relation to my new work. Good examples of this are the patterned metal and the teardrop chain I saw a few weeks ago. I did not return to buy them until later, and then later again, after I had figured out how I would use them. In addition, I have gone on many a bus ride over the past few weeks in search of rabbit fur, fabric, ribbon, plastic lace, Belgian lace, paper doilies, and, of course, metal. I often feel like I am on the hunt or something because so many of these trips feel rather epic: I make this long journey in search of the perfect black satin ribbon...My next trip is to de Zijdeworm for lace. I could be there awhile.

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