Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Belgium Catch-up: New Shops

I have two new shops in Belgium: M HKA, Antwerp's museum of contemporary art and Creme de la Crema in Roeselare. M KHA now has my work via Beyond Fashion who keeps a selection of jewelry in the museum shop there. Creme de la Crema is a gallery, studio, and coffeelab owned by jeweler Cynthia Jacobs and her husband, Michal Van De Moortel. I will be making a small collection for them (hopefully) before I leave Belgium. The shop has lots of great work including Cynthia's and Jeannette Jansen.
Creme de la Crema Gallery
Brooch by Jeannette Jansen

Creme de la Creme Coffeelab

More pictures of Creme de la Crema on Flickr.

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