Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Thoughts

The seven weeks of fundraising for my USA project have been incredible for a number of reasons. Months ago when I was first approached to submit a project I wasn't interested--the idea of asking people for help made me feel uncomfortable and seemed like something I definitely did not want to do. Then I took some time to think about it and I realized I had to follow-through. It was a challenge I couldn't ignore. At this point I also had the concept for the solo show which gave me confidence and enthusiasm.

The days leading up to the launch were nerve-wracking for me, the fear of (public) failure hanging over my head. Those were some anxiety-ridden days. But, once it was live I felt a huge sense of relief. Then the incredible initial response from all of you was just what I needed to move forward and remain positive. I felt like I was part of a team, something bigger than me, and being supported by so many different people was thrilling! I also had a plan for the coming weeks and felt prepared, despite also feeling blind.

Over the next two weeks I followed my daily schedule which helped me to stay focused and helped me to manage the stresses of unknown territory. Each day I would review the plan and modify as needed. I ended up turning this plan into a daily journal with detailed entries.

It was also difficult and pretty much impossible for me to do anything else. It was a struggle to be at the bench and I discovered all I was capable of doing when I wasn't working on the project was to putter around organizing things.

I look back now at all of this with complete fascination and excitement! I have learned tons about fundraising, marketing, and building community, while experiencing an array of emotions. I had expectations, of course, and yet I had no idea what to expect.

Thanks for reading and thank you over and over for your support!

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