Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Day, Final Glimpse

Today marks the last day for my USA project and the final glimpse of the first piece for my show. These images show the nearly completed piece--I still have some surface work in the form of scratched details to add and I may paint a few more cubes for better visual balance. At this time I am taking a short break to work on other pieces.

I have also included a picture of the necklace it was inspired by, my favorite piece in the jewelry box I played with as a child. I carried it with me allover my grandparent's house and loved hanging it over my forehead like a tiara Cleopatra would have worn. I also have a memory of holding it during dinner and accidentally dipping it in the gravy on my pile of mashed potatoes. I don't think any adults saw this happen and I did not draw attention to myself, maybe for fear that the necklace would be taken away from me. I wiped the rhinestones with my napkin but was not able to clean it completely. There is a yellowed area that marks this moment. 

 the original

 final silhouette

So thank you! What a amazing journey this project has been with all of you! Thanks for all your support, for every donation and kind word, and for reading these entries since I began on March 21. I do have all day today until 11:59pm to raise additional funds! Any new donation will be used for professional photography. If you would like to donate, please do! There are some great donor rewards still available AND if you donate at any level you will become a part of a special list that will receive email updates about the progress of my work. (This list is the ONLY way you will be able to see more until November!)

Thanks so much and thanks for reading!

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