Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Work, Sort Of

For Green Hill Center
With the price of silver increasing almost daily, metalsmiths are challenged to find new and creative ways to keep making work without spending a lot. My solution in addition to milling my own metal was to recall my work from many of my galleries. Once I had it back I cleaned it all up and reinvented many pieces--I took some apart and added spray paint to others. Then I created complementary groups by combing my different series of Regal Graffiti, Borderlines, and Line Drawings. Finally I filled in the gaps with newly made Small Earrings and Bow Earrings made from milled sheet metal. In the end I didn't spend any additional money and shipped fresh groups back to each gallery. In addition to Green Hill Center, Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h, and Heidi Lowe, Penland Gallery, Gallery Lulo, Crimson Laurel Gallery, and Quirk Gallery also received "new" work.
laying it all out for "analysis"
Newly painted brooch for Heidi Lowe Gallery 
(see the original here)
Newly painted necklace for Galerie Noel 
(see the original here)

More images on Flickr.

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Maria Apostolou said...

This is a brilliant solution! I love your re-invented pieces!