Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Reinventions...

Another "new" necklace...It was originally white and yellow, but I decided to repaint it when it came back from one of my galleries. I added navy, hot pink, light blue, and yellow and then absolutely hated it. I tried to learn to like it, but it just didn't look good to me. It reminded me of bad 80's fashion and it did not feel at all like my work. (When one of my friends saw it, he said something like "I think I had a pair of 'Jams' like that when I was 10." Dreadful.) To remedy this, I added another color, light blue, and used only my wax file to scratch away little bits here and there. I like the finished piece very much now. (Available at The Signature Shop in Atlanta, GA.)

More on Flickr.

Thanks for reading.


dash said...

ooh, I like it. I liked it in white too. Do you have any pics of when it looked like *jams?*

Amy Tavern said...

Sadly, no. I WISH I had taken a picture and also can't believe I didn't since I take pictures of pretty much every single little step in my process. I guess I hated it that much...try to imagine mostly navy blue with large splotches of hot pink, yellow, and light blue.