Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Days

There are only a few days left before my USA project deadline (May 9) is here! As many of you know I already met my goal and now I'm trying to raise additional funding to offset the cost of professional photography. I have made $292 above my goal of $6000! Really exciting! As I've said before, if you were thinking of donating earlier and didn't, you still can and I would LOVE it! There are still some great donor perks left, too...

For $100 you will receive a Sterling Silver Bow Pin 
(approximately 1.75" x .75" x .75")

For $500 you will receive a One-of-a-kind jewelry piece based on your favorite piece of jewelry. I will ask you to email an image of your favorite piece of jewelry for me to use as inspiration.

My $50 perk (Graffiti Badge in the color of your choice) has met its limit (there were 20 available), but I'm opening it back up for addional donataions. If you donate $50 you will still receive a Graffiti Badge in the color of your choice--I will email you when I get your donation and confirm your gift.

Also, anyone who donates at any level will be added to a very special email list. This list will get updates about the project over the coming months. I'm not planning to talk about the work publicly after my project deadline arrives. This list is the only way to see what I'm up to with the project as I move forward until my solo show happens. Maybe that's a good incentive to make a donation?!

I am ever-grateful for the tremendous success of the project already! Any additonal funds will truely be icing on the cake! Thanks for considering it!

Thanks for reading.

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