Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sneak peaks!

here you go...a few images of my new stuff. these designs, along with about 30 more, will be available for viewing and buying on march 21 at my website. i'll offer free shipping for a month then, too! you will also be able to find most of the new work at my shops. you can find a list of them here. please email me ( if you have any questions about these pieces.

images from top: preface brooch, layered necklace D, very thin steel stacking rings, cuff links (new men's collection!), tiny ratio earrings in sterling and (new) 14K, (all images by hank drew)

thanks for reading.


Kelly said...

ooo Amy! It all looks great!

Andrew A said...

CUFF LINKS! Yay boy (and adventuresome girl) stuff. Amy, I love it all. -A-