Tuesday, February 5, 2008

this is why i heart lace.

yesterday i read and studied two different books on lace. they were mesmerizing. i made a list of why i am interested in and how i relate to lace, including phrases and key words:

1. repetition of shapes and patterns - both positive and negative space
2. patterns within patterns
3. repetition of line
4. "system" of patterns and shapes that coexist and rely on each other to simultaneously create the over-all look as well as the individual elements
5. certain patterns and lines create/suggest movement and/or rhythm - can be subtle
6. combination/interplay of organic and geometric imagery
7. lace is an exercise in contrasts
8. words that come to mind when i look at lace:
rigid and flowing
highly detailed

when i look at lace i am attracted to all the things i listed above but i also see these things everywhere i look. they are often the most noticeable or appealing aspects of objects and scenery to me. i even strive to create them in my work. (and i strive for them - order, structure, organization - in my home, office, and studio.) my sculpture teacher, bob booth, at SUNY fredonia, often talked about how the eye moves or travels along a sculpture. i haven't forgotten this concept and think about it when i make my jewelry and when i am observing things. i refer to it as "visual movement." i think this applies to looking at 2D images as well, including lace.

thanks for reading.

all images from: pictorial archive of lace designs ed. carol belanger grafton

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