Tuesday, February 19, 2008

pop-out again!

here you go, another fine example of pop-out jewelry... this time in the form of a wooden postcard with parts that you can pop out and assemble to form a wearable ring. and, you can actually mail the postcard. the design is by nutre arayavanish. nutre also designed this envelope necklace. again, it can be mailed and, later, cut out and worn.

thanks for reading.


paula said...

Love the idea about this jewellerypost card! I had the idea for some years ago, but I never did it. So Im really happy that someone has one it.
Good luck with your work and keep up the good work!

Kind regards Paula Lindblom jewellery artist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

amy tavern said...

thanks for the comment and for reading my blog, paula! that postcard IS fantastic! all the best!