Friday, February 15, 2008

guest star friday #3...joanna gollberg.

joanna gollberg makes great jewelry. she is also my good friend and studiomate. we met at the penland school of crafts years ago when we were both students in lori talcott's class, ancient techniques for modern metalsmiths. i have always been impressed with how prolific joanna is and that her work is constantly evolving and ever dynamic. it seems like she has tons of ideas all the time and she actually makes each and every one. she uses lots of ovals and other simple shapes and incorporates repetition of form, movement, and interesting mechanisms. her work is very thoughtful and well made. lately, she has been making these cool triangular forms with her ovals. i love the contrast between the rigid triangle and the softer oval. please see above image.

joanna also has a lot of fun in the studio. she made this mossy ball necklace a few weeks ago. so fun!

just last week she started making these rings, my new favorite...the bands and settings are delicate wire. then, trapped in the top, are rough-cut stones, bits and pieces, and other odd little objects. they look amazing stacked!

in addition to all the jewelry, joanna also write books and teaches.
she is incredibly giving of her knowledge and talent. right now, joanna is showing and selling her work at the philadelphia buyer's market of american craft show and then next week at the american craft council baltimore show.

here's where you can find her online:

her website
on flickr
her blog the stirling news
on etsy

thanks for reading.

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masaoms said...

I have posted your work at my jewellery blog, nice pieces!!
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