Sunday, February 10, 2008

here's another beautiful piece of pop-out doesn't actually pop out like my other examples, but the artist hannah louise lamb cut the two pieces from the same piece of metal - one piece essentially pops out from the other. you can find her lovely work and other excellent work at papa stour, a wesbite that features scottish artists.

thanks for reading.

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Andrew A said...

Hey Amy! Greetings from (your very bad) friend Andrew. I apologize for not being more in touch but since discovering your exceptionally awesome blog, I wanted you to know that I read it every day and that I have made plans to see your work in the Bainbridge show. For sure. Saw Maija last week @ Calla's going away thing. She and Matt are moving to Jackson Hole WY - he's already there. Anyway, blog on and I can't wait to see the new pieces! xo Andrew