Monday, February 4, 2008

much needed day off

i finished my new collection pieces (all 35 of 'em!) and sent them off to my photographer, hank drew, in seattle. i am very pleased with the finished jewelry and had a great time making it, but i am (temporarily) spent. it takes a lot to make new work and it can be an intense process. plus, my fingers and my right wrist hurt. time to recharge. day off. (and maybe tomorrow, too.) so here i am, it's monday, i'm in bed with my laptop, a stack of books and magazines, a cup of tea, and my purring cat. the stack of books has been sitting here for a few weeks, neglected due to busy-ness. here's the break-down... martin puryear (the book from his recent moma show), pictorial archive of lace deisgns, antique lace patterns, the new vogue, the new metalsmith magazine, and 500 necklaces. good stuff. now i am going to stop this entry so i can get to it.

thanks for reading.

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