Friday, October 25, 2013

Guest Star #123...Helena Lehtinen

I haven't written a Guest Star post in awhile, a few months to be sort of exact. Recently, a few people have mentioned that they miss the series and this inspired me to start looking again for jewelry I am not familiar with. I spent hours last night searching online and it felt great to get reacquainted.

Today's GS is Helena Lehtinen from Finland. I am drawn to her simple, uncluttered compositions and I like how she uses glass beads. The texture and subtle dimension as well as her color palette are all very pleasing. The clean lines, soft shapes, and quiet color provide space to think and I find these lovely works very calming to look at.

You can see all of this work at the Galerie Marzee website.

I also found an informative interview about Helena on Baltic Jewellery News.

Thanks for reading.

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