Thursday, October 3, 2013


I've been back in Asheville for a few days now and I'm clawing my way through a long to-do list after being away for a month. I do want to touch on my class at Arrowmont one last time before I move on to other news. My second experience teaching at Arrowmont was wonderful. I had a great group of students who were hard-working and a lot of fun, the ideal combination for teaching. I demoed a lot but also gave them lots of time to work. Many of them purposefully chose to make samples instead of focusing on singular pieces, while others made some gorgeous finished chains. Either way, I was very happy with the results.

In addition to technique, I talked a lot about process and lead two exercises, one which involved some thinking and writing and another hands-on exercise in which everyone made a paper chain in an hour. I also spent time with each student individually if they wanted. This is one of my absolute favorite things when I teach. I inevitably learn from each student I talk with and usually feel totally pumped when I am done.

Finally, huge thanks to my fantastic assistant, Samantha Clarke. I couldn't have asked for a better assistant and an all-around lovely person to work so closely with. Thanks, Sam! Here she is working hard:

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