Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Now THAT was Good! (The 2012 Edition.)

I attended "Material Topics: Shifting Traditions" at East Carolina University over the weekend and once again this year the ECU metals students put on one amazing symposium! I taught two classes on Sunday, beginning each with a talk about my work and process and then set my students to task making a piece of jewelry in one hour using things like paper, leather, staples, and tape. When the time was up, we talked about the process and what they learned. Both classes were packed--the largest groups I have taught so far, maybe 30 or so each! I was incredibly pleased with the work that was made and very happy with the comments and questions discussed during the talk--insightful, thoughtful, and inspiring. I was also psyched that many of my colleagues were in attendance. That means a lot to me! Thanks to everyone who participated in my classes and for working so hard! It really was a pleasure to lead you all in the workshop and share my experience with you.
top detail Galatea Kontos, bottom detail Melanie Smith
I attended a fantastic mechanisms workshop with Angela Bubash. Angela demonstrated a clever pin mechanism and a simple prong setting using jump rings. Her constant attention to detail and craftsmanship was wonderful to observe in person. Her knowledge is extensive.
I also listened to several lectures including the keynote by Renee Zettle-Sterling. Renee articulated many interesting points about objects, non-verbal communication, and memory.

And finally, I got to have some good talks with ECU grad students, Kat Cole, Rachel Qualliotine, and Leia Zumbro. Kat is currently on thesis and has asked me to advise her along the way. Rachel, a brand new grad, is trying all sorts of things out--enameling, felting, found objects--and wanted to revisit some of the ideas we discussed when we talked about her work over the summer here at Penland. Leia and I also had a lovely visit, talking about her work and process. It's moments like these that make what I do so worthwhile.

LOTS more on Flickr. 

(A note about the images to my students: I posted as many as I could. Unfortunately, some were overexposed or blurry and so I did not include them. If you do not see images of your work it is only because of my poor photography skills and I apologize.)

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