Monday, January 30, 2012

Bruised, Once Broken

"Bruised, Once Broken," sterling silver, spray paint
This is the piece I made for the Rapheal Founder's Prize exhibition, "Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Small Metals." It is based on a paper model I made back in August which I have been looking at and thinking about ever since. Eventually, the idea evolved into the way the piece looks now with the cluster of teardrops pinned over the heart and the single teardrop pinned to the shoulder. I enjoyed making my teardrops 3D and using a different color palate--black, blue, and white. The statement that accompanies the piece is as follows: 

"I am fortunate to have experienced transformation in my jewelry over the last three years through intense exploration and prolific creation of my craft. Additionally, a myriad of overwhelming events in 2011 caused a major shift in the way I think about my work and my life. Heartbreak and loss, accomplishment and success, transition and hope now inform my process in unexpected ways. This investigation has afforded me the opportunity to learn from my experiences in a positive manner. My current work is an autobiography, presenting events from my life in a sculptural, stylized narrative of line, shape, and color."
Because of the personal content behind the piece, it was incredible for me to make it and work through the concept, and then even more challenging to put it out into the world in an such a public format. I am very pleased with the final resolution, though. I really love it.
The exhibition opens this Friday, February 3 and runs through June. The winners 
will be announced at that time.
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