Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's Still Love, Despite the Heartbreak

Today is my three-year residency anniversary! I moved here on January 4, 2009 and the above image shows what I saw as I moved boxes into my studio. The panorama below is how it looks like now. I absolutely love this space!
Back in January, 2009 I settled into a corner at first, basically the size I was comfortable with. A few months later I repaired walls, painted, added more furniture, hung artwork, and spread out. I believe the size of this studio affected my work in a positive way: its vastness allowed my work to literally grow. Over the last three years I have kept the room about the same, but changed the arrangement and displays every so often. The latest version is by far my favorite.
At this point, I only have two months left as a resident. It's hard for me to believe my time here in this capacity is coming to a close. It has flown by and has been truly remarkable. I knew it would be fantastic, but I had no idea how it would really look or what would happen. I had my list of plans and goals, of course, but I left room for the unexpected...these three years far exceeded my vision. I feel excited and humbled, but also sad (and often very, very sad). This is my home and the one place I have felt more like myself than any other place I have lived. I know the opportunity I was given is precious--intense time to explore one's work and focus on making things does not happen like this in the "real world." I have also met some amazing people and had some incredible conversations and experiences with them...I have wonderful friends and colleagues.
To celebrate my three years, I asked my friend Dana Moore, to take pictures of my studio. I have added them to a flickr set that I hope you will view. She did a beautiful job capturing the space and all it's lovely natural light and character. (Thank you, Dana!)

Thanks for reading.

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