Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hmm, Very Interesting...My Favorties 2011

Here is a list of my favorite jewelry and art websites and online articles that I discovered in 2011. I really do love sharing this kind of stuff...if you have a favorite you think I might like, please email me ( the link or leave as a comment.

The Culture of Being Work, Duct Tape Marketing, an article about how the culture of your small business should be a reflection of you

Extreme Tidying Up, a funny and fascinating story about order on NPR

Google Art Project, take a virtual tour in the world's greatest art museums

The 10 Most Important Artists of Today, agree or not with the author's choices, this article will make you think about contemporary art

Memory and Forgetting, a Radiolab podcast I listened to over and over while I was making the work for "This is How I Remember It"

Meanwhile, The San Francisco Public Library, wonderful illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton that tell the story of the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch.
Visual Mantras, a lovely video of an artist book in action by Ana Montiel
Fireta IV. Silver/Gold by Estela Saez

Jantje Fleischhut, mixed-media studio jewelry

Denise J. Reytan, mixed-media studio jewelry

Tobias Alm, mixed-media studio jewelry

Eleanor Bolton, textile studio jewelry

Estela Saez, mixed-media studio jewelry and sculpture

Shu-Lin Wu, porcelain studio jewelry

Anne Truitt, minimalist sculpture 
Paul Edmunds, sculpture using repetition and pattern 
Leigh Suggs, The Nevica Project, 2D works focusing on grids and pattern

Lianna Sheppard, architectural fashion and accessories, the homepage video shows the work and time-elapse images of Lianna making paper models for the featured garments
Alexander McQueen, see inside the exhibition "Savage Beauty"

Studio Fludd, a design collective from Italy
Kontor Kontur, another design house, the website features images of carefully arranged monochrome objects

an image by Duane Rapp on Scaffoldage
Scaffoldage, fantastic pictures of scaffolding
Aichinger House, an apartment complex draped in soft gray curtains
Gary, Indiana, a set of images by David Tribby on Flickr showing the beauty in the ruins of a once thriving city

Pflegschaften @ Mueum de Rdinge, a collection of objects
The Burning House, a blog that asks the question "what would you take if your house was on fire?" Participants list what they would grab and an image of the items is included

Graph Paper,  download all sorts of graph and gridded paper for free
Arrowhead Tacks, a vintage stitch how-to on Burda

Thanks for reading.

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dang! you are full of great recommendations! thanks