Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teaching Week Part 4: Art Jewellery @ The Winter School

The most exciting teaching opportunity coming my way is to travel to Ballarat, Victoria in Australia next July. The week-long class is called "The Whole Jewel" and is part of Art Jewellery @ The Winter School, a program of Fibre Arts Australia. It runs from June 30-July 5, 2012. I plan to fly to Melbourne a few days early to adjust to the time change and to explore. Then I will head to Ballarat which is about 1.5 hours away. After the class I would like to stay in Australia to travel more for about three weeks.

" In this class students will be challenged to think beyond traditional jewelry design to create work that is both sculptural and wearable. Through demonstrations, discussions, and plenty of one-on-one time, students will create one-of-a-kind jewelry that is beautifully made and thoughtfully designed. We will focus on the details, bold or subtle, that make jewelry stronger and more interesting, as well as unique and personal.  Technical demonstrations will include surface design, cold connections, bezel and tab setting, pin mechanisms, and much more."

The other instructors from the U.S. include Arthur Hash, Marjorie Simon, Hilary Pfeifer, and Sarah Doremus. The instructors from Australia include Anna Davern, Katherine Bowman, Caz Guiney, and Ali Limb. It's going to one incredible week and I am beyond excited!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

That's great that you are heading "down under" and coming to my hometown! If you need someone to show you round or share a meal and chat about jewellery and life, let me know.

All the best