Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Star #87...Namu Cho: SNAG Week Part 5

To find today's Guest Star I revisited my copy of Exhibition in Print: Fresh. I'm interested in so many of the artists featured inside and it's hard to choose just one to write about. But, after visiting everyone's website and lots of thought, I finally landed on Namu Cho. I chose him because I wanted to look closer at someone working with traditional techniques and using primarily metal. As much as I'm drawn to alternative materials and processes, it's refreshing to find someone who focuses on metal. Namu's work is composed of high-karat gold, damascene, and damascus steel. (One of the great things about his website is that he includes definitions of these materials as well as the techniques he uses.) I like his abstract compositions and how he pairs geometric form with organic line. The intricacy of the technique is also fascinating. 

Exhibition in Print: Fresh begins today at the Metal Museum.

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