Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heat Exchange: SNAG Week Part 4

 Work by Beate, Elizabeth, and Melissa
I was recently invited to participate in Heat Exchange, an exhibition of enameled works curated by Elizabeth Turrell, Melissa Cameron, and Beate Gegenwart. The exhibition will open in May and will be on view during the SNAG conference. Here's what the Exchange is all about:

"Heat, in physics, is defined as an exchange of energy. In thermodynamics, a heat exchanger is a system built to effect efficient heat transfer. In most heat exchange systems the exchange is mediated so that the hot and cold media do not come into contact. Typically it is only their energy that is exchanged. This exhibition seeks to replicate this exchange. The participating artists, located in North America, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom will exchange ideas and inspirations without actually coming into contact with one another. The main interface for their exchange is this blog."
Although not an enamelist per se, I have done some enameling and have wanted to focus more attention on it. Between spray paint and my solo show, however, I have not had a chance to do so, until now. This show is a fantastic opportunity for me to move forward with enameling and to participate with a such fascinating group of artists. I like the idea of interacting via the internet and look forward to the give-and-take that situation will afford all of us.
During the summer I made an enameled book while Elizabeth was teaching a class here at Penland. Something went "wrong" during a firing of one of my steel pages, but Elizabeth suggested I look at it in another way. This "mistake" will be my starting point as I begin work for this exhibition. I am also happy to report this little book will head to London for an exhibition of enameled books in September, 2012 at Studio Fusion Gallery.

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