Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hot Under the Collar: SNAG Week Part 2


I will jury an exhibition with Bob Ebendorf for the 2012 SNAG conference in Phoenix, AZ. The show, titled "Hot Under the Collar," will feature contemporary necklaces and was created by Liz Steiner, a recent MFA grad from East Carolina University. I am thrilled to be a part of this exhibition! Jurying has been in the back of my mind for some time now and I am excited that my first experience will be working with Bob. I think we will complement each other during the process and I look forward to working with him and Liz in the coming months. I am also excited to be involved with my community in this way. It is a opportunity to participate, to give back, and to promote the field and the work of my peers. There is an issue regarding the lack of insurance at the venue and steps are being taken to remedy the situation. Despite the controversy, I believe this troubling problem has come to the forefront for a reason and I truly hope that only good things will result in the end. If you are interested in reading about this, please visit the SNAG Facebook page.

Here is a description of the show followed by a link to the call for entry:

"Choker, collar, lariat, torque, pendant, the necklace is one of the most diverse formats available to metalsmiths today. Whether cascading down the front, or draped down the back, the possibilities are nearly endless. The human torso provides us with one of our largest canvases, while still keeping body as site.

From comments on the classic strand of pearls to contemporary takes on armor, this juried exhibition seeks to showcase how metalsmiths today interpret this incredibly versatile object."

You can find the call for entry and more information here. 

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