Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now THAT was good! ECU Symposium, Pt 3

charm with mineral pigments by Ken Bova

A few final words on the ECU metals symposium...

Angela Bubash and I were asked to lead a break-out session Saturday morning about our residency experiences and residencies in general. I enjoyed talking about my time at Penland in this setting and sharing it with others who might someday consider it for themselves. The next day I stopped by a professional practices session and participated from the audience.

necklace by Liz Steiner

Liz Steiner, an ECU MFA jewelry/metalsmithing candidate, asked me to critique her work while I was at the symposium. We spent an hour together, talking about each piece one at a time and I feel like there was a great exchange of thoughts. Her work is looking really beautiful and I know she will have a great show this spring. (Please be sure to visit her flickr site to see more.)

the charm I made

I also participated in the charm swap organized by Tara Locklear. This is the second one I've been involved with and I was again really pleased with my pick, this time by Ken Bova. (see top image)

And finally, I thought I would mention that you can now read Caroline Gore's wonderful key note lecture introduction at the ECU metals symposium website. It is well-worth reading.

Thanks for reading.

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