Friday, January 7, 2011

Guest Star Friday #66...Lisa Walker

"2 Pendant," wood, lacquer, thread

Today marks the return of Guest Star Friday, again, and this time I am making a public commitment to keep it going regularly. I stopped for awhile because I found I was either overwhelmed by the internet or just didn't have enough time to seek out work I haven't seen before. I enjoy finding new work, though, and love being able to share it with you.

I met today's GS, Lisa Walker, via Facebook and shared her website with you in my favorite 2010 websites post. Lisa's work includes a wide range of uncommon materials combined in a playful, yet serious way. This work makes me pause because to me it is at once subtle and radical and what an intriguing combination that is...

"What Karl Didn't Take with Him," various materials

"Workshop Towel Bracelet," fabric, paint, dirt, thread

"Pendant," pure gold, fresh water pearls, ceramic, plaster, silver, thread, lacquer

You can see more of Lisa's work here:

Masterworks Gallery (which includes images of the fantastic installation of her solo show "Lisa Walker New Jewellery")

Fingers Gallery


Thanks for reading.

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