Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now THAT was good! ECU Symposium, Pt 2

Dan DiCaprio - wood carving

I enjoyed all the lectures over the symposium weekend: Caroline Gore, Nicole Jacquard, Michael Dale Bernard, and Tom Muir. I like lectures because I enjoy hearing about the work of other artists from their individual perspectives. Artist talks can also be learning experiences for how to execute a good lecture. Both points were true over the weekend and I found myself just sitting back and listening. I took a few notes here and there as well and left feeling inspired.

Tom Muir blackboard sketch of the pin stem mechanism he demonstrated

Also throughout the weekend there were demonstrations by Michael Dale Bernard, Dan DiCaprio, Ken Bova, Tom Muir, Lisa Johnson, and Mi-Sook Hur. I spent time in nearly every demo because the content of each was truly exciting. I picked up little gems throughout each one: soldering tricks, mold making demystified, the engineering behind wood carving... Each workshop was well-organized, included a short artist talk, and then a start to finish demonstration of the topic at hand.

Michael Dale Bernard - powder coating

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