Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hmm, very interesting

As I did the other week with my 2010 favorite websites and blogs, I thought I would share a few good reads and videos worth watching that I also discovered in 2010. Many of them were passed onto me by friends, while I stumbled upon the others:

TED talk with Stefan Sagmeister about the importance of taking time off (very inspiring)

Scoutie Girl post "I am a Thriving Artist" (also very inspiring)

Community Arts post on critiques titled "Toward a Process for Critical Response" (This is exactly how I want to critique my students' work as an instructor.)

Luann Udell post on "How to Trade with Other Artists" (includes some good advice on what can be a tricky subject)

Lisa Congdon's "A Collection a Day, 2010" (an absolute favorite daily visit AND she's making a book!)

"Do your worst task first" at (I swear by it!)

CBGB online virtual tour of graffiti (this is rad)


Thanks for reading.

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