Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sparkle plenty 6 tomorrow

i received a packet of sparkle plenty 6 postcards the other day--love the color palette and i see a few friends on the front including joanna gollberg and laura wood. (from left laura wood, jaimie jo fisher, joanna gollberg, marlene true, robin kranisky & kim overstreet) the postcard prompted me to get a list of all the jewelers in the show from the fabulous maggie at quirk so i could post it for you now:

Allyson Bone, Andy Cooperman, Nitza Cuevas, Marie Chamblin Dirom, Jane D'Arensbourg, Louise Ellis, Jaime Jo Fisher, Heather Guidero, Joanna Gollberg, Christy Klug, Robin Kranitzky & Kim Overstreet, Hannah Louise Lamb, Lucia Perluck,Shand Stamper, Anthony Tammaro, Amy Tavern, Marlene True, Myung Urso, Laura Wood, Francesca Vitali, Marion Sak, Eric Silva

the show opens tomorrow, november 4 from 5-8pm
first friday on november 5
runs through december 24

311 west broad street
richmond, va 23220

thanks for reading.

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