Thursday, November 11, 2010

3D sketching at ASU

i taught a 3-dimensional sketching workshop yesterday at appalachian state university in the metals department. i do 3D sketching as part of my own studio practice and thought it might be interesting to introduce the concept to students. we began with all kinds of common inexpensive materials. each student choose things they wanted to work with and then spent two hours creating two or three pieces of wearable jewelry. i also asked them to incorporate a personal object into each piece. i was impressed with how quickly they got to work and how intent they became. it was pretty quiet the entire time and i loved watching their hands move. at the end of the two hours they presented their pieces to me and their classmates and we spent almost an hour talking about them. it was interesting to hear how they felt about working this way (quickly, gesturally, no metalworking) and what they thought of their finished pieces. i think everyone enjoyed it, although i know it was challenging for those who like to plan things out (i can relate!). i was impressed with the work they made. they accomplished the assignment and made some great things - the work was imaginative, clever, and thoughtful. next we ate pizza and i created a wall installation in the lobby. sadly, my camera battery died by then, but i did borrow a student's camera so once i get those pictures back from her, i will post them. i ended the day with a lecture about my work and how i built my business.

thanks, again, to margaret yaukey and angela bubash for inviting me.

more on flickr.

thanks for reading.

p.s. more on my 3D sketching soon.

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