Wednesday, November 17, 2010

do not disturb

a letterpress sign given to me by lori talcott-perfect for times in the studio that require privacy, like critiques

before getting the residency at penland, i thought a lot about what my plans would be if i was accepted. one of my ideas was to initiate critiques or conversations with jewelers and artists who come to penland as instructors or even simply as visitors. i began working on this my first summer and have continued consistently ever since. it has become a huge part of my residency and yet one i don't ever write about here. i've been extremely fortunate to talk with a vast array of people and each conversation has impacted me and my work in a specific way--some were formal critiques, others have been casual, yet serious conversations over a cup of coffee, and, further, some have been a give and take between me and the other artist. it is difficult to put this all into words because i am still processing it, but i hope those following my work have picked up on some of the influences. i do want to take a moment to share with you who i have had the honor to talk with and i want to thank all of them for giving me some of their precious time. my most recent conversations have been with lori talcott via skype, susan cummins, and dan estabrook. these conversations are moving me into a very different place in my work and i feel i am about to embark on brand new territory.

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