Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SOFA chicago!

sienna gallery is exhibiting a group of my spray painted pieces at SOFA chicago this weekend including the necklace posted above. i am incredibly excited to say the very least.

sienna will be at booth 1304 and the show runs november 5-7.

thanks for reading.


krista said...

WOW!!! Such an accomplishment, Amy.

kendal croix. said...

i saw your work at SOFA. so cool!

Loring Taoka said...

your work looked great at sofa, amy. it really stood out from the majority of the work there.

Amy Tavern said...

thank you! i wish i could have been there - thanks for visiting sienna's booth. it looked amazing from the pictures i saw. i hope my work goes again next year (and me with it!).