Friday, October 15, 2010

guest star #65...liz steiner

i haven't written a guest star friday post in a long time. it's not because i've forgotten, i've just been busy and i can get carried away looking for metalsmiths i have not heard of before. i just haven't had time to get lost on the internet these days. today, however, i thought i would revisit the series with liz steiner. i know liz from the internet and we've become buddies via email and so on. then a few weeks ago we finally got to meet when i went to ECU for "making a living/making a life." we didn't get a chance to talk at length then, but it was great to just meet and put a face to our correspondence. i know we'll talk more in the future. anyway, i got a thank you in the mail when i returned from the symposium in the form of one of liz's lovely pins. (see above image) i was so surprised and delighted. i love this piece! (and it was so thoughtful of her.) the pin is part of a series she's been working on for her graduate thesis, a wall installation numbering between 250 and 500 brooches. (see detail image below.) i really love what's she's doing with various objects and thread. the pieces are abstract and minimal yet seem very personal.

you can see more of liz's current work on flickr.

thanks for reading.


kendal croix. said...

very pretty pieces.

Liz Steiner said...

Well shucks. I think I'm blushing. Thank you for the lovely post.

Loring Taoka said...