Thursday, October 28, 2010

work in progress

for the last few weeks i've been making regal graffiti for three new galleries: the signature shop, the society for craft, and the society of arts and crafts. it's been great to be able to make so much work at once. i've continued ideas i began with the work i made for spectrum and i've had fun with tried and true styles in the form of earrings. i designed two new chains, too. there is a "but" to all of this, though. i need to step away from the spray paint, take a break, think, process, work on different things...and by doing this, i will gain perspective, learn about the work, and refresh myself for more because i am definitely not done with this series. i also realized i miss metalwork. the focus of regal graffiti is the paint and surface, not the metal fabrication. it's time to get back to my roots which i know can only inform the spray painted work to come.
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