Friday, October 8, 2010

spectrum install in-progress

on wednesday i called heidi at heidi lowe gallery just to check-in and to make sure she had received all of my jewelry for the show. she indeed had and proceeded to email me a few pictures from her iphone of the work all laid out for installation. i know co-curators megan romero and ashley willemain have been working really hard and i wish i could see the show in person. i would love to see the other artists' work up close and see how it all works together. plus, heidi and her staff always put together interesting displays and i am sure this show will be no exception. it opens tomorrow!

a group exhibition showcasing color with
sally collins, timothy mcmahon, melissa tolar, amy tavern

heidi lowe gallery
rehoboth beach, de
opening reception 10/9, 6-9pm
through 11/8

thanks for reading.

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