Thursday, October 7, 2010

spectrum, the finished pieces

necklace in navy, hot pink

here are images i took in my studio of the pieces i made for the upcoming exhibition "spectrum" which opens this weekend at heidi lowe gallery. i tried to be more 3-dimensional with these pieces, i experimented with fiber, and i tried collage. i think about incorporating these things into my work a lot and finally decided i needed to just do it. yes, i've been working on the 3-D thing and i've dabbled with the others, too, but this time i made a conscious decision in their favor. i just wanted to see what i could do. finally, a note about color... i still can't believe i'm in a show about color! it seems wild to me. it was interesting to have that as the focus for the work and for it to be just as important as the metalwork.

brooch in light blue

brooch in light blue, hot pink

necklace in light blue, red

necklace in navy

more images on flickr.

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montserrat lacomba said...

I would like to have one of them!
Good luck!

Thea Clark said...

3-d yes, the way to go. Nice new work!