Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the yellow brooch

my friend, marcia macdonald, passed away almost 2 weeks ago and i decided to focus on my work as a way to recognize her passing and to honor her memory. this time has been therapeutic and cathartic. this is a difficult topic for me to share so i won't say much, but i do want to say that marcia was important to me and i cherish the time i knew her. the above piece is something i made for her a few weeks before her death. it was part of the tiny gallery. i am sorry i was not able to share it with her.

thanks for reading.


Maria Apostolou said...

This is so words can express how sorry I am to hear this. She will definitely be missed.... That yellow brooch...such a beautiful piece you designed for your friend.

Amy Tavern said...

thank you, maria.