Tuesday, August 31, 2010

teaching part 1

my class has begun and it's going great! i shook the nerves and now i'm having so much fun doing demos and interacting with my students. i have a big group, all with varied backgrounds and skill levels and all very excited to learn and work. sunday night we did our introductions and talked a little about what the week will look like. then monday morning we began with a 45 minute lecture on details, surface design, and complementary findings. the talk consisted of nearly 80 images of contemporary jewelry incorporating the different techniques and topics we will be covering like roll printing, acid etching, and handmade clasps.

an image from the details lecture - rings by ann havel

next i demo-ed a bunch of basic texturing and finishing techniques with sand paper, files, and sand blasting. after lunch i showed them roller printing and everyone started making samples. i have a few beginners in the class so gave them a sawing, filing, and piercing demo followed by a dapping demo.

thanks for reading.

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