Monday, August 9, 2010

auction prep: regal graffiti

for the past few weeks i've been making lots of work for the annual penland benefit auction. on saturday, august 14th the residents will host a special show and sale at 9am. it's called "breakfast at the barns" and auction-goers who attend get a lovely handmade mug for their coffee along with breakfast goodies to enjoy as they visit our studios and shop. last year's event was a huge success and we are all hoping for a repeat this year.

i made a number of new spray painted pieces including some single pendants, lots of earrings, and a few big necklaces. my color palate at the moment is red-light blue-yellow-hot pink-white. in the past i've hesitated a lot before painting the work, debating which colors to use and how to layer them, but i've found in making this work that i really like these specific colors and i am comfortable with them. painting was easy and i barely had to think.

i also created a new spray booth which has been great to use. it's safer and efficient and that makes spray painting so much easier.

more images on flickr.

thanks for reading.

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