Sunday, August 29, 2010

it's the little things

my class "it's the little things" begins today...i am really excited and just a bit nervous (which i am sure will go away once class starts). i just finished packing up my studio and teaching materials and will move into the metals studio at school in a few hours. my lovely assistant, caitie sellers, is coming down to my studio shortly so we can go over the syllabus and other class-related stuff. this is going to be a big week that is sure to fly by - i have two demos (many of which are multi-faceted) planned monday-thursday and then friday is a work day for my students to explore techniques or work on specific projects. i'll try to post as much as possible...

...and one more thing...i was thinking about the class on friday and that's when it hit me: i'm teaching at penland! i started crying! looking back to 1999 when i came here for the first time i wasn't even thinking that far ahead and i never would have imagined this was possible. i know, this is not my first time teaching here but i am still in awe. this is such a special and important place for me. i am absolutely thrilled to give back in the form of teaching.

bracelets by caitie sellers

be sure to check out caitie's great blog - what not and such.

thanks for reading.

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Sarah said...

just wanted to wish you good luck with your class, although I have no doubt that it will be amazing.