Thursday, January 28, 2010

this is it, well, almost

i'm in the last week of my collections and i feel excited, a bit unsure, nostalgic...yesterday i was thinking about the moment i decided to get a website. in the months leading up to the decision i thought something like "absolutely not. i want nothing to do with a website!" then one day i woke up and confidently knew i was ready. plus, it helped that lucky magazine wanted to feature a few pieces in their lucky breaks section. so in october 2004 i launched my site which was originally created by gina rymarcsuk and later taken over by my current webmasters, needmore designs. the blurb in lucky was huge for my business and it created an incredibly exciting time for me. looking back now i'm so glad i moved forward. i love my website! however, now that i am taking a long break from my production work and actually discontinuing all of it i am looking toward, most likely, a lot of change for my work and my business. this also means changing my website as well as my logo, my colors, my look, and i might even start using capital letters. (Whoa!) however, i am not ready to change it all just yet. my plans are so open and i don't even know where exactly i am going or what my new work is going to look like. (yes, i do have ideas...) i feel like my new look needs to echo my new work. even though i wish i could change things now because i am ready to move on, i think i'll hold steady for some time so i can thoughtfully consider where i am going next. my goal is to have a brand new website by the time i leave penland.

the "end" for this chapter of my work has come quickly and in many ways without warning. that's how things go, i guess. i made the decision to move on and immediately began the steps to reach the goal. then it hit me on monday that the days for my collections are numbered. i know i won't fully realize what's going on until it's over. i'm too busy getting there to think beyond and i still have lots to do in the next three and half days - filling orders, settling up with stores, dealing with website/blog changes, as well as the removal of my etsy and supermarket sites, plus other little details i won't bore you with. it's just time to tie up those loose ends and tend to new beginnings. i think i'll do a little bit more looking back next week. it will help me process and celebrate.

thanks for reading.


Unknown said...

Cheers to you, Amy! I can't wait to see what comes next for you.


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