Thursday, January 14, 2010

in the studio with raissa, part 1

yesterday raissa and i got to work in the studio. she worked on new samples for her production line. i planned to begin experimenting but had too much business to do and a bunch of mail orders to fill. this was a frustrating thing - i'm grateful for the orders, most definitely, but they can keep me from doing what i really want to do. it's a tricky situation. anyway, we spent the morning working and then went up to school for a coffee break. i also wanted to use the draw bench in the metals studio. we visited in the coffee house and saw some different folks. after that we went to the metals studio. i did the few tasks i needed to do and then we happily ran into our friend lola who is here for a few weeks of winter rental. we spent some time catching up and were later joined by the metals coordinator, adam whitney. it was a fun afternoon and so typically penland, running into different people, we returned to the studio and i continued working on mail orders while raissa tried out some more samples. we worked until after 11. a long day, productive day...

thanks for reading.

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